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Coombs America Inc is the official importer, distributor and service agent for Marksman Training Systems AB.

The developer and manufacturer of the Marksman ST-2 Shooting Simulator. The world's most accurate.

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Unbeatable accuracy

0,0143˚ (1 cm at 100 m < 1 MOA), with nearly no delay (1 ms) – We do not use laser technology, we are 150x more accurate.


Built-in ballistic calculator

With more than 550 ammunitions registered, we are the only one providing a realistic experience.


Versatile landscapes

Bundled with more than 750 scenarios, you can create your own ones, and even easily add your own landscapes!


Powerful analysis

Replay your shots to analyse your mistakes and improve your technique, with our Movement Replay and Shot Impact Analysis!


Use of real weapons

Works with real guns (rifle & shotgun), to enhance your experience and deliver a close-to-reality feedback. Ammunition free.


Overhead shots

First ever shooting simulator offering the possibility to shoot high and driven birds!


Sweden 2.0

Designed and assembled by top Swedish engineers, our technology is very robust and reliable!


Best service

We provide a full 360˚ service, from helping you design the room, to installation, training and maintenance. We make our best so you will focus on what is important.

Unbeatable accuracy

We are proud to say that our patented technology has no equivalent on the market, with an accuracy of 1 MoA. The best laser systems can’t beat 52 MOA. This is the reason why we are leading the professional market of shooting simulators with 220+ installations worldwide.

Rifle Bullets

Ballistic Calculator

With a selection of 550+ ammunitions from the largest manufacturers, we are the only one capable of realistically showing you the impact position of your shot. And with a delay of 1ms, we make sure to offer you the best shooting experience.

Detailed analysis

Replay the shoot, in every detail, moment by moment.

THE PROPRIETARY, GLOBALLY PATENTED ALGORITHM working together with our high tech tracker accurately monitors the entire shooting sequence and produces extensive diagnostics including dynamic speed and movement.

Understand the impact of your shot.


All factors contributing to the hit position and shot effects are taken into consideration: target trajectory and speed, ammunition material, load, choke, pellet size and speed. You can even compare ammunition’s impact following your shots.

Pattern Analysis.


Every shot, hit or missed, is saved! You can sort out the adjustments you need to make to perform better, by determining a pattern while watching your previous shots.

True to Life

Versatile Landscapes

With 850+ scenarios in our full option simulator, we still give you the chance to create your own story, with your own landscapes. You can shoot partridges in England as well as in south of Spain. Or wild-boars in Russia as well as in France. Or clays in Alexandria shooting club as well as at Holland & Holland’ shooting school next to London.

Works with Real Guns

Our ST-2 shooting simulator makes it possible to use real guns (rifle & shotgun). We are the only one producing simulated training with the real weight of the gun’s trigger! Bolt action training has a big impact on performing better on a second shot.

Safety First​


Our mission is to make sure that you shoot better. But nothing is more important than safety when you go in the wild. Therefore you can add obstacles, such as hunters, beaters and safety poles to your scenarios.

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