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No longer an ocean apart

Traditionally, investing in a Marksman ST-2 Shooting Simulator would mean long distance calls, working out time zones, international emails, even a visit to Sweden if you wanted to see the platform in person.

Fortunately this is no longer the case.

We very much value our American clients so since October 2022 we have teamed up with Mark Coombs who is now our exclusive sales agent and distributor.

Well travelled and experienced Mark can meet with you, talk you though the features, benefits, options and pricing. Not to mention bring along one of our simulators for a real in person demonstration.

Your system will still be carefully built by our expert engineers in Sweden.

But watch this space; because as the months go by and our client bases continues to grow there are bigger ambitions in the pipeline. From employing fellow Americans to offer in country support and repairs to the very first American made St-2.

We very much look forward to bringing you the best of Marksman Sweden, in the United States of America.

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