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The Marksman ST-2 Shooting Simulator

Pilots train in flight simulators. Shooters train on the Marksman ST-2


Pro & new Ultra

Panoramic 90° field of view

Full High Definition

Supports English & Olympic Skeet

Up to an immersive 26 feet 2 inches wide and an  16 feet 4 inches high!



Panoramic 65° field of view

Portable and Powerful



Angled screen

Add to the Classic, Premium & Premium Pro

Shoot Pheasant, Duck, Grouse and Partridge

Superior and exclusive 

System Hardware

Each Marksman ST-2 Shooting Simulator is hand built by our technical geniuses at Marksman Training Systems AB in Stockholm Sweden before being shipped to the United States. Your system shall be fully tested before delivery to your location.


The Marksman Computer is equipped with proprietary data cards, circuitry and software. Carefully manufactured and put together to maximise its power, reliability and accuracy.

Our latest generation of the system will support all the software updates in the years to come.


Gyroscopic sensor

Mountable on any long barrel weapon, it provides an unbeatable accuracy of 0,0143˚ (1 cm at 100 m = 1 MOA).


Mechanical firing detector

Easy to mount on any trigger guard, producing an instant shot with nearly no delay (1 ms).


Adjustable replica gun

To use when no access to a real weapon. With its adjustable stock, it offers the perfect fit! And a great fitting tool.


Voice controlled Puller

Use your own voice to decide when you want the target to be released. Limits reaction time for sport shooters.


Professional projector

We work with the best projector manufacturers to get the best possible experience when shooting on our large screens.



Sound system, power extensions, cushion for dummy gun, removable cable ties, laser pointer, etc.



Aimpoint or Zeiss with quick release mount and lens for parallax compensation, screens if you don’t project on a white wall, transport case to fit in all your equipment, extra adjustable replica gun, etc.

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